The switchover of data entry to the new data management modules DMM R2/PMD R2 will soon be completed. This has been the subject of continuous communication and support from TecAlliance in the past few months. With more than 530 brands, almost 80 % of data suppliers have already switched over to the new systems. The countdown is now running for the remaining brands: data delivery via the old DMM will be possible for the last time on 31 March 2018. Starting 1 April 2018, only data which has been submitted with the new DMM R2/PMD R2 will be processed.

The conversion to the new TecAlliance data management modules (DMM R2, PMD R2) has been in full swing since September 2017. With these tools, TecAlliance data providers can enter, import and export their item data; link it to the TecAlliance reference data; check their data against the TecDoc standard; and submit it to the TecDoc Catalogue database.

The new systems convince users with their intuitive and modern interface concept. A range of validation steps ensures higher data quality, while the expanded reporting functionality increases transparency. Most important of all: changes reach the market much faster thanks to monthly reference data updates.

New release cycle for DMM R2/PMD R2

Four main releases are planned for 2018; they will be published on the following dates:

  • Version 3.3: 13/04/2018
  • Version 3.4: 13/07/2018
  • Version 3.5: 28/09/2018
  • Version 4.0: 21/12/2018

The regular DMM R2/PMD R2 newsletters and customer information will provide detailed information about the releases as well as any necessary schedule changes or intermediate releases.

Do you have any further questions or do you need support with the conversion? Please contact our Customer Service at