In February 2015 the current TecRMI information module TecMAINTENANCE was expanded with new assistance functionality.

TecRMI did this to react to market requirements for more efficiency in the workshops. The new functionality enables the fully automated search for a suitable maintenance plan, which brings a great time savings to mechanics.

The new search functionality makes a maintenance selection based on the kilometre reading and age of the vehicle. As input for the search the mechanic must only enter the first registration date and the kilometre reading of the vehicle. Based on these two inputs the TecRMI TecMAINTENANCE ASSISTANT automatically finds two plans to propose: the last maintenance due and the next one to come. The mechanic must just choose from these two which one he needs for manufacturer-compliant fulfilment of the service jobs.

The assistance functionality is integrated into the module TecMAINTENANCE and supports all TecRMI languages. It is available free of charge to all customers who receive the module from Webservice 4.0.