In cooperation with the European umbrella association of automotive suppliers (CLEPA), TecCom, a brand of TecAlliance GmbH, developed TecIdentify, the first IT-based standard solution to verify the authenticity of replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket. The TecIdentify app for Android and iOS is now available in eight languages at no cost.

Product piracy damages a brand’s image and causes substantial loss of sales. Counterfeit products also present a substantial safety risk for end users. In order to check parts’ authenticity anytime and anyplace each part is marked with an identification number in the form of a MAPP (Manufacturers against Product Piracy) code that is unique in the world. With the TecIdentify App that is free for the end user the MAPP code on the article can be scanned and the authenticity of the part uniquely identified and checked – around the clock worldwide. The result of the authenticity check is available within seconds.

The TecIdentify App is available for the operating systems iOS (Version 5+) and Android (Version 2.2+) in the languages Chinese, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.