The TecDoc database includes current commercial vehicle data for 96 vehicle manufacturers. In the current Version 04/2014, a total of 353 part suppliers have linked to products in the CV segment.

The most important CVs can also be identified through the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which makes the search much easier. In addition, the TecDoc database already contains the data from around 1,500 tractors as a subgroup in the commercial vehicle sector. The goal of the data expansion is to put the TecDoc standard on as broad a basis as possible to make possible the highest level of automation for traders.

New developments in commercial vehicle data

From the 353 commercial vehicle part suppliers in the TecDoc database 321 suppliers have linked their parts in the segment between 7.5 and 30 tonnes; 307 suppliers are serving the segment above 30 tonnes. The transporter sector is not included here.

The identification of the “Big 7” in the commercial vehicle sector, the brands DAF Trucks, Iveco Magirus, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo Group Trucks und Renault Trucks, is now possible from the VIN. This makes the search much simpler and eliminates the need for the previous commercial vehicle identification and the search tree entry with the vehicle attributes. In addition, data users can also use the TecDoc WEB SERVICE in the search for CV parts.

Steady expansion of tractor data

In the agricultural machine sector, the focus in 2014 has been on the integration of tractor data. This data is set up as a subgroup in the commercial vehicle sector. There are already around 1,500 tractors in the TecDoc database. The goal is to expand to around 4,500 tractors to provide market coverage of 98 percent of the European market for agricultural tractors.