With the current Version 04/2014 of the TecDoc CATALOG duplicates of American vehicles are a thing of the past: The Global Vehicle Table (GVT) integrates all vehicles worldwide in a common database.

For part manufacturers it has the big advantage that parts for a vehicle sold in different countries no longer have to be linked more than once.

In particular, USA vehicle data was previously listed in duplicate. The American vehicles are now included in the world reference database. In the future, the country validity of a part will only be shown by the country coding. This means, that there is only one vehicle, if necessary with more than one validity attribute. All country dependencies can be considered directly during data maintenance.

The following example explains the new feature: If there was previously the K-Type-Number X with validity for DE, TJ, FR and also the K-Type-Number Y for the US, starting with catalogue Version 04/2014 there is only the K-Type-Number X for DE, TJ, FR, US. Duplicates in the vehicle database are eliminated, so that it is no longer necessary to create multiple links.