On 12 November 2014, twenty representatives of TecCom suppliers with SAP systems met in order to learn about the latest TecAlliance developments in the SAP environment. For the first time, the meeting was held in the facilities of TecAlliance in Ismaning near Munich, Germany.

After the first online meeting for the international customers with SAP systems was organised and held in July 2014 to a very favourable response, on 10 December another TecCom Online International SAP User Group meeting was held in English.

Norbert Finkel, Group Manager SAP Services, invited the participants to the TecCom SAP User Group Meeting. He guided them through the day and gave an overview of the new developments planned for 2015. Additionally, TecAlliance employees presented status reports on TecComfort Supply 5.0, TecComfort Order, TecTOM 3.0, TecReverse Messages Release 1.4, TecReturns and TecCMD.

In addition, the first conclusions were drawn on the newly introduced brief online training courses for SAP users. The new training format was well accepted and the participants in the first five online training courses in October and November 2014 were very satisfied with the efficient and inexpensive opportunity to gain expert knowledge on specialised TecCom SAP topics and to get answers to their own questions.

Once again the participants in the TecCom SAP User Group made excellent use of the possibility to discuss with the SAP experts from TecAlliance and their industry colleagues. On a tour through the TecAlliance offices, it was also possible to talk briefly with other TecAlliance employees. The next meeting of the TecCom SAP User Group will be held on 06 May 2015 in Frankfurt.

In the second TecCom Online International SAP User Group on 10 December 2014, Helen Solomon provided a summary of the topics presented by the SAP Services Team in English. The event lasted 90 minutes and offered the international TecCom SAP community the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas.