SAP users can register immediately for short TecCom SAP online training courses on five different topics. The short training courses are intended for SAP customers who have already introduced TecCom solutions or will soon do so.

In each course from 3 to 6 participants can learn about a specific TecCom SAP topic in 30 minutes.  Each training course includes a short concentrated presentation of the theory and then offers time for questions and discussion. Afterwards the presentation is sent to the participants by email.

The following short TecCom SAP Online training courses are planned for the near future:

  • 08.10.2014 TecTOM SAP – Update service, online documentation and online help as well as the latest functional extensions
  • 15.10.2014 TecComfort Supply SAP-Supply Cockpit (add-on) – Tips & Tricks
  • 22.10.2014 TecSAP Reverse Messages Cockpit – Tipps & Tricks
  • 29.10.2014 TecInvoice SAP – The User View
  • 05.11.2014 TecInvoice SAP-Reverse Message Bridge (add-on) und Archive Link (add-on)

The first training courses will be held in German. In the future there will also be courses in English as well as courses on other topics. You can register immediately by using the online form at