TecAlliance has developed a new solution: the Demand Dashboard. This module of the Analytics Manager enables parts manufacturers to precisely optimise their own product portfolio. It enables product managers to make more intelligent decisions that are substantiated and data-driven. Considering the extensive data available, the Demand Dashboard is among the most comprehensive business intelligence solutions now available to the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) and is available from the end of March 2019.

Cologne, Germany. 27 March 2019 – “Exactly which spare parts are our customers searching for?” “Which parts do they need when and in which countries?” “For which vehicles are parts being searched for?” Parts manufacturers can now answer these questions with a new solution developed by TecAlliance. The Demand Dashboard enables them to precisely optimise their product portfolio and support substantiated, data-driven decisions. Considering the extensive data available, the Demand Dashboard is among the most comprehensive business intelligence solutions available to the IAM.
“We aspire to give our customers a truly global and comprehensive view of the market by providing them with data from our online sources”, says Dr. Bartosch Belkius, Vice President Analytics at TecAlliance. “We have always had the specific needs of parts manufacturer product managers in mind as they want to launch new products onto the market or optimise their existing portfolios. The Demand Dashboard helps them make better and more intelligent decisions”, says Jens Störmer, Product Owner Demand Dashboard at TecAlliance.

Discovering unused business potential. Systematically optimising product portfolios.

The Demand Dashboard is of interest to large and small manufacturers as it is the ideal solution to find out exactly: “Who is searching for our products?” “Which ones are easy to find and which are not?” “Is low turnover due to lack of visibility at the point of sale?” “Do we have the potential to optimise our data administration and if so, where?” “With the help of our Demand Dashboard, parts manufacturers can learn more about their customers’ needs and get deeper insight into their markets,” continues Dr. Bartosch Belkius. The results can be exported and correlated with other data sources. This way, manufacturers can uncover previously untapped business potential and systematically optimise and expand their product portfolios and market presence in the automotive aftermarket. They can also verify their procurement and planning decisions. Smaller suppliers using the standalone application gain from not having to install it, visualising data within the solution and quickly gaining valuable insight. It is, however, a prerequisite that the parts manufacturer delivers its data to TecAlliance in order to use the Demand Dashboard solution.

More than 1.5 million requests and 250,000 searches a day

It is the vast international database of TecAlliance, whose use is being gradually analysed, that makes the new solution so attractive. The Demand Dashboard is based on user searches of the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading spare parts catalogues, as well as those in the associated web service, with a focus on Europe. At launch, the Demand Dashboard has already registered more than 1.5 million requests per day and filtered an average of 250,000 searches – a volume which will only increase with the integration of additional data sources.
“To tackle complex projects such as predictive analytics in order to predict the future, you first need to record the current situation. This is exactly the data we deliver with the Demand Dashboard. We show ‘today’ so that our customers have the foundation to make the right decisions for tomorrow” added Jens Störmer.

Increase visibility and retrievability of products even further

The Demand Dashboard is the new module of the Analytics Manager solution, which also includes the PMA (Product Management Analytics) module for product line and portfolio management. The online product can be used all over the world, requires no installation or hosting effort and supports simultaneous users.
Parts manufacturers interested in the Demand Dashboard can discover the potential for improving the visibility and retrievability of their products beforehand, by looking at selected sample analysis linked to other TecAlliance data, such as OE data or TecDoc Catalogue data packages. TecAlliance is currently working hard to make a version of the Demand Dashboard available to IAM spare parts traders as soon as possible.
More info can be found here: www.tecalliance.net/en/demand-dashboard

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