To support the high-quality training of car mechanics, TecAlliance has provided the Centro di Formazione Professionale Salesiano Rebaudengo (Cnos-Fap Rebaudengo) with 30 free licences for TecDoc Garage Data Pro. The cooperation with TecAlliance, one of the world’s leading data specialists for the digital automotive aftermarket, is part of the centre’s effort to include cutting-edge technologies in training to meet the needs of the future labour market.

More than 400 students are enrolled at the training centre, which offers three-year courses to become an industrial mechanic, electrical technician, motor vehicle mechanic or bodywork technician. At the end of the course, it is possible to attend a fourth year to obtain a professional diploma.

Fit for an increasingly complex profession

“The training of mechanics is becoming increasingly complex, especially for electronics. The new engine types require specific skills that need cutting-edge training,” says Maurizio La Chimia, Automotive Sector Referent at Cnos-Fap Rebaudengo.

“There is a great demand for mechanics on the labour market – but they need in-depth technical knowledge and must be able to manage both repair jobs and customer relations,” Maurizio La Chimia explains and adds: “We turned to TecAlliance for a solution to improve the training of our students by offering them new tools to prepare them for the demands of the future.”

Riccardo Batisti, Commercial Business Owner BU Data Manager and Fabio Vecchio, Sales Manager RMI at TecAlliance, provided the school with 30 free licences and an offer to train the teachers. “The digitisation of processes is crucial for the future success of workshops. We are happy to provide the students access to the TecDoc Catalogue for vehicle and parts identification as well as TecRMI for technical data, repair and maintenance information,” says Riccardo Batisti.

The first feedback from teachers and students is extremely positive. “The state-of-the-art TecAlliance solutions are very useful and the collaboration with TecAlliance went smoothly. It was very helpful that they trained the teachers to train their students. In the first lessons, the students participated actively and showed great interest in learning more about new technologies in their field,” Maurizio La Chimia sums up.

TecAlliance solutions support independent workshops

With the TecDoc Garage Data Pro licences, the students can access the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading spare parts catalogues, as well as TecRMI’s OE-compliant, standardised repair and maintenance information. TecRMI includes labour times, maintenance intervals and schedules as well as repair manuals for all relevant vehicle brands, supporting garages from vehicle acceptance to handover and invoicing.

“TecRMI supports mechanics with many helpful features to increase the efficiency of workshop processes,” explains Fabio Vecchio and adds: “One example is the Service Finder: The mechanic simply enters the current mileage and the date of first registration. Then the service prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer is displayed, with all the work steps and parts required. Many TecAlliance employees who are now involved in processing data and developing solutions for workshops have worked on cars themselves for years. Some still do it with a passion. That’s why they know where the problems are. They understand the challenges in the workshop because they have experienced them themselves.”

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