For a long time now, counterfeit and pirated products have been a problem not limited to well-known sectors such as pharmaceuticals and textiles. These days, product piracy is also a major problem in businesses such as the automotive sector. In 2016, the German industry association VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) estimated the annual sales losses from pirated products at over €7 billion in the German machinery and industrial engineering sector alone.

oneIDentity+ GmbH was founded in February 2017 as a 100-percent subsidiary of TecAlliance GmbH in order to offer a neutral service platform for identifying and tracing systems, components and products of all types. “Our database (formerly known as TecIdentify) already contains more than a billion codes, and we record over 30,000 queries a month from 90 countries worldwide. Our platform is standardised, neutral and available to all manufacturers in all sectors. That is why it is perfect for successfully combatting product piracy,” says Daniel Dünnebacke, COO of oneIDentity+.

oneIDentity+ is the solution provider for the MAPP (Manufactures Against Product Piracy) initiative. It is also responsible for the global management of the MAPP code. The worldwide unique two-dimensional MAPP code, based on GS1 standards, has become an industry standard in the automotive aftermarket because it makes each individual part uniquely identifiable. The MAPP code is stored on the oneIDentity+ cloud platform, from which the code validity can be checked and detailed information provided about the product in question. Automotive suppliers with leading brands are collaborating closely in the MAPP initiative to tackle product piracy.

In addition, role-specific access rights provide a wide variety of options for leveraging the coding to provide additional value-added services: returns management, track & trace, customer loyalty schemes and the mobile and part-specific provision of maintenance and installation information, to name just a few.

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Dr Daniel Dünnebacke, COO of oneIDentity+