Ismaning, 27 April 2020 – TecAlliance is proud to announce that has now decided to use the TecDoc Data of TecAlliance. The TecDoc Data Package provides this marketplace with vehicle and parts data, offering Exist the following possibilities:

  • significant improvement of the service quality by up -to-date information directly from spare parts manufacturers including cross references and vehicle applications
  • return rate decrease due to high data accuracy
  • to gain access to more market data
  • to further develop their own software by using the TecDoc data, and thus
  • to increase their sales numbers.

Many companies in the Russian auto parts market, including, face the same problems. The market is full of low-quality data from various sources, there is no standardization, and accuracy is poor. decided to work with TecAlliance because it could resolve these issues. The use of TecDoc Data is expected to have a significant impact on’s business, increasing customer satisfaction due to improved accuracy and cross-references.

TecAlliance’s main message to the market is clear: “High-quality and legal data directly from the parts manufacturer, regularly updated and with the highest cross-reference accuracy on the market.”

By using TecDoc’s Catalogue Data, can improve the quality of the information it provides to its customers and vendors. The data in the TecDoc Catalogue is the most accurate; it is licensed and obtained directly from the automotive spare parts manufacturers. Its use in the CIS market is a significant step forward to improve market data quality. Legal data from well-established sources is crucial to the market,” states Georgy Sarychev, technical director at marketplace. “ is a company that appreciates all the advantages of using TecDoc Catalogue Data and is very glad to cooperate with TecAlliance!”’s history in the CIS market

In 1999 the first retail store for automotive parts opened in the center of Moscow. It differed from existing parts dealers because it offered shorter delivery times and better customer service.

The IT company A+A Exist-info LLC was founded in 2000 with the goal of promoting the sale of automotive spare parts online, further developing the retail trade. was registered as a brand and domain; the company became one of the first online shops in the Russian Internet, “Runet”.’s focus has been on providing customers with a wide range of replacement parts for cars and simplifying and accelerating the purchasing process. According to the Russian Forbes in 2016, is among the five strongest Runet companies. It is expected to become the largest Russian marketplace; in April 2019 it had 350 offices and sales outlets in 243 cities in 82 of the 85 regions of Russia.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Exist!