TecAlliance Customer Support provides technical support at the first and second levels to all customers. Qualified employees answer technical questions, provide information about TecAlliance products and services and help to fix any occurring errors. For customers who require faster, more individual and more extensive assistance, TecAlliance is now offering optional expanded attention with its “Advanced Support” offering.

In addition it has recently become possible for customers to completely outsource all maintenance and care for all TecAlliance software components. With “Outsourced Maintenance Support” all system maintenance tasks such as administration of server and components, execution of updates, installation of patches and fixing errors are performed by TecAlliance employees. In both cases the customer has a “direct line” to a personal contact person, who can quickly find a professional response to technical questions and solutions to any occurring disturbances or errors.

TecAlliance Customer Support is available to all customers from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm:

TecCom-Support: Tel. +49 (0)1802-832266  support.muc@tecalliance.net
TecDoc-Support: Tel. +49 (0)221-6600112, support.cgn@tecalliance.net
TecRMI-Support: Tel. +49 (0)221-6600500, support.wkh@tecalliance.net

For questions about “Advanced Support” or “Outsourced Maintenance Support” you can contact the TecAlliance sales staff at sales@tecalliance.net.