The TecAlliance Data Quality & Services (DQ&S) Department provides services related to the topics of Data Onboarding and Data Update that satisfy the highest demands for data quality. Manufacturers of lubricants and chemical liquid products rely on DQ&S services and are even increasing their demand.

“Since the Data Quality & Services Department started in the autumn of 2016, the DQ&S team has succeeded in generating high customer satisfaction with excellent service results. They have continuously developed and expanded the Data Services segment”, explains Andreas Assmann, Vice President Data Quality & Services. “It is particularly gratifying in this respect that nearly all-important oil suppliers now rely on the data service competence of the DQ&S team”, Assmann continues.

Nearly all-important suppliers in the lubricant segment have their data regularly updated and edited by DQ&S. An essential success factor here is the quality of the information, where particularly high demands are made by traders and workshops in the lubricant segment. Oil specifications and manufacturers’ approvals must be presented professionally and targeted at groups at the application level (product/vehicle assignment). The implementation of an elaborate parts list management for various package sizes is compulsory. These demands must also be satisfied for other products in the liquid segment, where important manufacturers of chemical products also rely on DQ&S know-how.