Ismaning/Bologna, 24 May 2017 – TecAlliance GmbH, known worldwide as the industry standard for the provision of vehicle and article data as well as repair and maintenance information and the handling of electronic business processes in the international spare parts market, is exhibiting at this year’s Autopromotec trade fair in Bologna (24 – 28 May 2017, Hall 16, Stand E46) with its new brand identity and clear responses to the rapid developments in the international automotive aftermarket.

The activities within the market are complex, multi-layered and closely interlinked. In order to present the complexity of the various products and services to customers in a way that is transparent and clear, TecAlliance has developed a new brand identity and restructured its product range. The brands TecCom, TecDoc, TecRMI and Headline, with their impressive ranges of expertise and services, are integrated completely in the umbrella brand of TecAlliance. To create a logical organisation within a clear structure, some of the products have been renamed but will continue to include their usual reliable features. The complexity is displayed graphically in the new company logo, symbolised by a three-dimensional cube next to the TecAlliance name.

“Our mission is: Enabling the Digital Aftermarket. This means that we are supporting the rapidly accelerating digital transformation with a restructured product range. Under the shared umbrella of the TecAlliance brand, we are creating an infrastructure for market participants in the digital aftermarket that makes them more successful in the long term. We do this with our standardised data, processes, integrated solutions and comprehensive consulting services,” explains TecAlliance Managing Director Jürgen Buchert. “Our quality seal ‘TecDoc Inside’ represents the high TecDoc data standard to which our customers are accustomed. They expect this in both the preparation and use of high-quality vehicle and product information,” continues Buchert.

The automotive aftermarket is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. When it comes to the repair and maintenance of vehicles, workshops need to possess in-depth expertise regarding diagnostics, electronics and mechatronics in addition to the traditional mechanic skills. This requires extensive and up-to-date vehicle and spare parts data for all manufacturers. TecAlliance creates transparency in the international data jungle with its worldwide leading industry solution to assist its customers in optimising processes with integrated solutions. It helps them to quickly and easily find the right spare parts and then procure or deliver them at market conditions.

“The products and services of TecAlliance are particularly well received in Italy, where the automotive aftermarket plays an important role. The distribution channel to the workshops is considerably longer than in other European markets”, Fabrizio Giannelli, General Manager TecAlliance Italia S.r.L. explains. “Our core competence is in optimally supporting digital collaboration among all market participants in the global automotive aftermarket on the basis of established standards. With our new brand appearance “One TecAlliance – One Brand”, which we are presenting for the first time at this year’s Autopromotec trade fair, we are not only underlining the greatness and competence of TecAlliance as a leading worldwide industry solution for the automotive aftermarket for the provision of vehicle data. We are also showing our foundation of Partnership and Community. Our restructured product range is geared to our customers’ needs. All our well-known and established services and products are optimally implemented and have been incorporated as integrated solutions in the TecAlliance product portfolio. Visitors to the trade fair can obtain a good overview of the newly designed portfolio at our stand. We are looking forward to the exchange of views here, particularly in this time of change. We are a strong partner to our customers because we support them with a digital ‘one-stop-shop solution’ for the international spare parts market.”

The Autopromotec is an international trade fair for workshop equipment and aftermarket products in Bologna, Italy. It offers traders, suppliers and companies from around the world an important platform for viewing the latest innovations and trends in the independent automotive spare parts market and in workshop solutions. Visitors can be inspired by the offerings; they can also engage in dialogue to cultivate and extend their networks. A comprehensive range of high-level conferences and B2B meetings rounds off the event.

Visit TecAlliance at the Autopromotec 2017 Trade Fair, Hall 16, Stand E46, to find out more.

About TecAlliance

TecAlliance has been compiling vehicle data, spare parts data and repair and maintenance information worldwide for over twenty years. Parts data is collected for all manufacturers, prepared according to the TecAlliance standard and provided to spare parts traders for ordering purposes and to workshops in order to perform competent vehicle repair and maintenance. Thanks to high-tech solutions, this varied data can be filtered and output to suit the particular needs of the diverse participants in the market. As one of the world’s leading suppliers, TecAlliance sets market standards in spare parts information and vehicle descriptions.

This digital data and information base enables workshops, traders and the parts industry to work together in a highly efficient manner. Fleet and leasing companies as well as insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when dealing with maintenance and wear-and-tear work.

Over the years, further process-optimising services have been added. The parts industry, parts traders and workshops worldwide all benefit today from the broad data basis of the TecAlliance platforms on which all supply, demand and approval processes can be integrated and efficiently carried out. With these solutions, TecAlliance is permanently and sustainably improving electronic business processes among the partners in the digital aftermarket.

Today, around 500 qualified employees work for TecAlliance around the world. They have profound technical and industry knowledge of the automotive aftermarket so that they can work tirelessly to make data and processes more efficient.

TecAlliance – the international driving force for data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.


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