TecAlliance discusses new ideas at Flotte! Der Branchentreff in Düsseldorf

Ismaning, 20 March 2017 – TecAlliance GmbH, known throughout the world as the industry standard for the provision of vehicle and article data and repair and maintenance information as well as for the handling of electronic business processes in the international spare parts market and fleet business, presents its tailored solutions for the fleet and leasing segment on 22–23 March 2017 at the Flotte! Der Branchentreff trade fair in Düsseldorf (Hall 8a, Stand K 36–L 31).

“Our main aim is to develop and offer solutions for our customers in the fleet and leasing sector that will not only support them in their day-to-day business, but also use reliable and up-to-date data to furnish them with an excellent decision-making basis and thereby make lasting contributions to their business success,” explains Christian Bergmann, Director of Sales Fleet & Leasing at TecAlliance.

TecAlliance stands out thanks to its clear focus on the needs of the auto fleet market. The high level of quality and the ongoing optimisation of its data standards give specialists in the vehicle fleet industry reliable indicators to help them make decisions. At Flotte! Der Branchentreff, TecAlliance, with its “Service, Maintenance and Repair Management” (SMR) platform, will demonstrate how vehicle fleet managers can precisely calculate anticipated maintenance and wear costs for all fleet-relevant vehicles, giving them a valuable basis for deciding on the mix of vehicles for their fleets. With the help of manufacturer-compliant, standardised and continuously updated data, the costs of anticipated maintenance and wear costs can be precisely calculated and accurate key performance indicators can be provided to fleet and insurance businesses, boosting their competitiveness. At the same time, SMR Cost Forecast is also an important tool for vehicle manufacturers and importers to determine detailed benchmark values for maintenance costs. The SMR platform offers the customer a high degree of flexibility, since it can be used either as a web application or as a web service – or an offline data package.

The “SMR Job Management” tool allows the workshop orders to be administered and handled through an automated online process, from approval to invoicing. Standardised, manufacturer-compliant data, automatic approval, a significant saving in paperwork and a very low invoice rejection rate are just a few of the functions of SMR Job Management. It allows fleet operators a high degree of control over SMR transactions, which enables greater transparency and cost savings.

The “SMR Invoice Verification” tool verifies calculations and invoices and optimises the invoice-checking process.

All of TecAlliance’s solutions for the auto fleet business are characterised by the tried and tested quality and diversity of data, but also by the fact that the products take into account the specifications of vehicle manufacturers as well as numerous customer-specific parameters.

“Flotte! Der Branchentreff” is the first major fleet event of the year. More than 170 manufacturers, importers, leasing companies and service providers covering every aspect of the commercial fleet industry will meet in Düsseldorf to present their innovations and solutions for business customers. Visitors will be presented with a broad range of information in specialist lectures, workshops and one-to-one expert discussions. “We are looking forward to attending Flotte! Der Branchentreff again this year. This networking event is a fantastic opportunity to meet with our customers and partners and with experts in other areas so we can discuss and exchange ideas and inspire each other,” says Bergmann.


The TecAlliance GmbH presents its tailored solutions for the fleet and leasing segment at the Flotte! Der Branchentreff trade fair in Düsseldorf.

The TecAlliance GmbH presents its tailored solutions for the fleet and leasing segment at the Flotte! Der Branchentreff trade fair in Düsseldorf.

About TecAlliance

TecAlliance has been compiling vehicle data, spare parts data and repair and maintenance information worldwide for over 20 years. Parts data is collected for all manufacturers, prepared according to the TecAlliance standard and provided to parts distributors for ordering purposes and to workshops in order to perform competent repair and maintenance to vehicles. Thanks to the high-tech solutions, this varied data can be filtered and given out to suit the needs of diverse participants in the market.  As one of the world’s leading suppliers, TecAlliance sets market standards in spare parts information and vehicle descriptions.

This digital data and information base enables workshops, trade and the parts industry to work together in a highly efficient manner. Fleet and leasing companies as well as insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when dealing with maintenance and wear and tear work.

Over the years, further process-optimising services have been added. The parts industry, the parts trade and workshops worldwide all benefit today from the broad data basis of the TecAlliance platforms on which all the supply, demand and approval processes can be integrated and efficiently carried out. With these solutions, TecAlliance is permanently and sustainably improving electronic business processes among the partners in the digital aftermarket.

Today, about 500 qualified employees at TecAlliance around the world with profound technical and industry knowledge of the automotive aftermarket work tirelessly to make data and processes more efficient.

TecAlliance – the international driving force for data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.