Dr. Bartosch Belkius, Vice President Analytics, and Yannik Henke, Student Bachelor of Science Business Informatics, will speak about the role of a Recommender System and the challenges with adopting such a system to the independent automotive aftermarket. Association analysis for vehicles is much more complicated than for simple consumer goods. Normally a recommender system is tailored towards the users’ subjective preferences whereas in the aftermarket the user follows an objective search approach. ‘We are going to explain how we develop this new service. The Recommender system will deliver the functionalities you all know from Amazon (customer which were interested in X are typically also interested in Y), but as we are focusing on vehicles and not only on the behavior of the catalogue users, the layer underneath is more complex and therefore interesting for the audience.’ states Dr. Bartosch Belkius.

Title: How TecAlliance Built a B2B Recommender System for the Automotive Aftermarket with Simple Association Analysis & Web Analytics Data

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Start time: 2:30 pm

End time: 3:15 pm

Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus, the organizers of Predictive Analytics World have wisely decided that this event will be delivered virtually and live-streamed to the audience.

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