Industry initiatives mein, Partslife, Qualität ist Mehrwert, TEILEn e.V., Werkstatt des Vertrauens and TecAlliance have joined forces under the motto ‘Mach mit! Starke Lösungen für die Branche’ (‘Get involved! Strong solutions for industry’). The initiatives are attending a series of industry events and trade fairs – such as the international trade fair AutoZum, held 18–21 January 2017 in Salzburg – to present their projects at a joint stand.


At the joint stand at AutoZum, trade fair visitors had the opportunity to take part in technical discussions and to demonstrate their skill and finesse on an alternative version of the popular ‘strongman striker’ fairground game.

The industry initiative participants are working together to promote new ideas and impulses for implementing innovative future concepts in industry. They are pooling their expertise and know-how to, in particular, campaign for more social and environmental responsibility.

The participating initiatives will also be exhibiting with a joint stand at the following upcoming events in 2017:

  • 20.05. – 21.05.   Stahlgruber, Frankfurt
  • 01.09. – 03.09.   WM Werkstattmesse, Dortmund
  • 08.09. – 10.09.   WM Werkstattmesse, Stuttgart
  • 06.10. – 08.10.   WM Werkstattmesse, Berlin
  • 13.10. – 15.10.   Carat, Kassel
  • 20.10. – 22.10.   Colotechnika, Münster
  • 11.11. – 12.11.   Stahlgruber, Nürnberg
  • 25.11. – 26.11.  Profi Service Tage (Coparts), Frankfurt

More information on the other participating initiatives is available on their respective websites: