Customers in the Baltic states, France, Scandinavia and Turkey can purchase select products of the brands TecDoc and TecRMI easily and quickly online via TecAlliance’s new sales platform.

The TecAlliance online shop is available at

Bernd Neumann-Mahlkau, Vice President of Customer Services at TecAlliance, is delighted that the sales platform is now being used more intensively on an international level. “The TecAlliance online shop is a modern sales channel for the TecAlliance solutions that makes the purchase process much easier and faster. Besides German and English, the online shop is also available in additional languages and for other countries, and, in the next few months, we intend to gradually make our offerings available to even more markets. This is an important step towards greater customer friendliness in an international environment”, states Neumann-Mahlkau.

The products can be paid for in the TecAlliance online shop with all current electronic payment methods such as credit cards (VISA/MasterCard), PayPal or immediate transfer (available in 12 countries of the EU). After logging in, customers have the option of viewing their past orders along with details concerning purchased licences in the form of an overview. Four weeks before the licenses expire, customers are notified by email so that they can extend them in sufficient time if they wish.