To support the increasing digitalization of TecAlliance data suppliers in Turkey, our Turkish business partner Indigo Teknoloji is providing our customers with coaching and training for data maintenance with the Data Management Modules DMM R2 and PMD R2. In addition, our business partner is assisting the data suppliers with targeted competitive analysis based on the TecDoc Data Package, enabling them to benefit from market dynamics and standards for high-quality data maintenance.

The data managers, product managers and technical staff of the data suppliers are being trained in individual sessions, which are recorded in FULL HD format. To make use of the modules easier, they receive supporting table/database templates as well as programming macros and scripts. Following the training, all the documents are given to the data supplier free of charge.

Between September 2017 and January 2018, eight data suppliers have taken advantage of this special service. Following the addition of the Turkish language to the DMM R2 software and through continuous training sessions, the data suppliers’ technical competence is developing continuously: Turkish data suppliers with internal data maintenance employees have already been awarded the quality seal “TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier”.