To position itself as an employer that can attract new employees and retaining existing ones, TecAlliance has launched an employer-branding-campaign. The campaign is a further building block in the reshaping of the TecAlliance brand presence and the restructuring of the product portfolio, both of which were carried out in autumn 2016. The campaign encompasses the redesign of the career section on the TecAlliance website, the organisation of the job advertisements, social media activities, recruiting activities, and appearances at university and career events.

In a workshop held with an external service provider, TecAlliance, was defined and characterised as an employer. Executives and employees from different departments with varying lengths of company service worked out what kind of  person would be most successful and motivated at TecAlliance. They also discussed the main arguments for working at TecAlliance. Points taken into account were the corporate values and the style guide and language used in reshaping the brand presence.

“We hope that this new presence and the various steps of the employer campaign will help us to be perceived as an even more attractive employer. One aim is to attract new applicants. The other is to ensure that our existing employees believe in what we do and are proud to work for TecAlliance,” said Hannelore Diertl-Deskovic, Executive Vice President People & Organization at TecAlliance, when she explained the reasons for the launch of the campaign.

Complete information on the role of TecAlliance as an employer can be found in the career section of the TecAlliance website and on its Facebook page