TecAlliance is opening a location in India at the southern industrial metropolis of Chennai at the end of 2018

Cologne, December 2018. More than 40 % of Indian vehicles production comes from Chennai, and a substantial part of the Indian automotive supplier industry is based there; Chennai is regarded as the “Detroit of South Asia” and the annual growth rates of the region are huge. In order to help manufacturers, traders and workshops in the independent aftermarket to make better use of the current opportunities for growth, TecAlliance will be represented in India from Chennai from the end of 2018. One of the first services for the Indian independent aftermarket (IAM) will be the publication of its TecDoc Catalogue, which will by then also include the data of Indian parts suppliers for the first time. This will give traders and workshops in India a significantly better market overview of which spare parts are suitable for which vehicle.

With the regionalised version of the TecDoc Catalogue, the Indian IAM will have a globally recognised industry standard for the first time. The goal is to make it easier to identify and find matching spare parts and to enhance processes and efficiency in the workshops. “With the TecDoc Catalogue for the Indian market, TecAlliance is making an active contribution to the increased visibility and traceability of spare parts,” says Vats R. Srivatchan, TecAlliance Business Partner for India. This is expected to also play an important role in the fight against product piracy and provide a well know and established standard in the industry. In addition, improved market transparency allows high stocks to be reduced, resource management to be optimised and losses for manufacturers and trade to be minimised.

Building Open Catalogue for ACMA members

In order to realise the Indian spare parts catalogue solution while meeting the highest possible standards of quality, TecAlliance has established a consortium with an Indian start-up and is working closely with the Indian part manufacturer association ACMA (Automotive Component Manufacturers Association). More than 700 manufacturers are organised in ACMA, covering more than 85 % of the turnover of the Indian automotive supply industry. The Indian TecDoc Catalogue is provided entirely in the standard professional language of the repair industry, English.

With the office in Chennai, where the workshop trade fair Auto Serve is held every two years, TecAlliance is closing one of the last gaps in its area-wide presence in Asia. Initial recruitment of human resources is already completed. At the end of 2019, around ten TecAlliance employees will be working as local contacts for suppliers. Plans are also ready to leverage resources and expertise from other Asian offices of TecAlliance for bundling of expert knowledge and competences for our customers.