TecAlliance was awarded a prize in the November edition of the German business magazine Capital as one of the 234 “Best training instructors in Germany” in the categories “company-based training” and “dual course of studies”. TecAlliance excelled especially in the field of “dual course of studies” with a top assessment and obtained five out of five stars.

“We are very proud that we were honoured as one of the best training companies in Germany”, Kerstin Langohr, Group Manager Vocational Training at TecAlliance is delighted. “This is an acknowledgement for us that we are on the right path with our creative approach and the international orientation of the training. We will do everything we can in the future to also increase the quality and efficiency of the training or the course of studies in our company”, Langohr continues.

The formula for success: intensive support, innovative training methods and international orientation

To ensure the qualification of employees and to optimise working conditions, TecAlliance focuses among other things on innovative training methods. For example, a “training workshop” was introduced for twelve prospective computer scientists in their first year of training at the Weikersheim site: An excellently equipped “think tank” with its own instructor newly employed for the project. As it should be for a “workshop”, the “crafts” are not neglected here: not only the basic principles of software development but also presentation techniques and selected project management methods are taught and applied there in own projects. These include Agile Methods using Scrum, which are particularly suitable for software development.

After this intensive starting phase with individual support, the world is open to the trainees and dual students: job rotation with deployments at the various TecAlliance sites, international practical experience and courses of study as far away as the Far East and collaboration with colleagues and fellow students from many nationalities. These are not only attractive but a prerequisite to keep up professionally nowadays.

TecAlliance offers a total of 25 attractive training or study opportunities for 2018. All the information and open vacancies can be found in the Careers sector on the TecAlliance website.

Extensive selection process of the “Best training instructors in Germany”

Capital carried out the selection of the “Best training instructors in Germany” together with the talent platform “Ausbildung.de”. Approx. 12,000 companies received a detailed catalogue of questions within the scope of this large-scale investigation, more than 500 HR managers answered over 60 questions on the assessment criteria support, learning on the job, commitment of the company and chances of success. In the end, 234 of the companies questioned qualified as “Best training instructors in Germany”.

The total lists of prize-winning companies is available for downloading under the following links:

Best training instructors – company-based training – category 500-2000 employees, 4 of 5 stars


Best training instructors – dual course of studies – category 500-2000 employees, 5 of 5 stars