Ismaning, December 2018. TecAlliance is again among the Top 500 “Best Trainers in Germany”. The panel, from the business magazine Capital, the talent platform and the employer branding specialist Territory Embrace, included TecAlliance in the country’s best for the second time. At this year’s award announcement, the data management specialist received five out of five stars, the highest possible rating.

Since 2017 TecAlliance has improved in all assessment categories thanks to the integration of trainees in the company, learning in the innovative training workshop, team events, benefits and competitive events. The data specialist is aware that well-trained IT professionals are a key factor for future success. For this reason, TecAlliance focuses on creative training methods, especially in IT. In the “dual system” category, TecAlliance even achieved a spot among the top 280 companies. “In terms of training plans, success monitoring and learning methods, anyone starting here soon feels the force of our commitment”, explains Kerstin Langohr, Group Manager Vocational Training at TecAlliance. “This is reflected in the excellent final grades and the high retention rate.”

Very high training quality

At the Weikersheim site, the automotive aftermarket data management specialist operates a “training workshop” for up-and-coming developers – a technically well-equipped “think tank” for 12 participants. It also employs its own trainer. The advantages are that the trainees are the focal point and that they receive intensive support. The transfer of knowledge is continuous, guaranteeing that all participants receive the same high-quality content. The trainees and students constantly exchange ideas and help each other, even among different years or courses. As it should be for a “workshop”, the “crafts” are not neglected: presentation techniques and selected project management methods are taught and applied intensively. These include agile methods using Scrum, particularly suitable for software development. It was well-earned praise when the “Best Trainers in Germany” panel noted that TecAlliance provides “training quality at a very high level”.

Whether it’s an internship, a dual degree or starting as a young professional or manager, many roads lead to TecAlliance. The automotive expert’s online career portal provides potential employees with a detailed panorama of the range of career opportunities. TecAlliance is a young company – with an average age of 39 – with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket.

It has a good reputation among current and past employees: its score on is 4 out of 5 points, with a recommendation rate of almost 90 percent. More information about training opportunities at TecAlliance can be found at:

The “Best Trainers in Germany” award is based on a survey of over 700 participants from the field of HR and top-level management, answering 60 questions on the training currently offered at their companies. The aim of the consortium of the business magazine, talent platform and employer-branding company is to highlight the success factors for training and integrated degrees in Germany.

About TecAlliance
For over 20 years, TecAlliance has been one of the world’s leading data specialists for networked collaboration in the digital automotive aftermarket. In addition to up-to-date OE-based vehicle and spare parts data based on the TecDoc Standard, the TecAlliance portfolio includes comprehensive repair and maintenance information as well as integrated solutions and consulting services for digital order handling, fleet management and market and data analysis in the automotive aftermarket. The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the world’s leading and most comprehensive automotive aftermarket catalogues. Today, around 600 qualified TecAlliance employees from 26 nations are working around the world, using their profound technical and business knowledge of the automotive aftermarket to make data and processes more efficient. TecAlliance – the international driving force for standardised data, digital processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.