Ismaning, 3 July 2017 – On 1 July 2017, TecAlliance GmbH sent its trade and workshop customers and potential interested parties the first bulletin on the repair and maintenance information (RMI) database. The quarterly bulletin will provide information about current issues and developments involving the RMI database regarding vehicles/brands, working guidelines, maintenance information etc. for EU and EFTA countries.

The goal of the bulletin is to deliver OE customer information regarding the content-based development of the RMI database. Readers will be made aware of innovations and can see the most significant information at a glance. Thanks to the pointers provided, workshops will be able to perform repairs and inspections more efficiently in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. TecAlliance provides information based on type code numbers (KType) and serial numbers (NType). This way the corresponding vehicle can be quickly and clearly identified. Thanks to the “1 system, 1 format solution”, the data from all vehicle manufacturers is consistently presented in the same structure and with graphical support in place. This simplifies the mechanic’s work significantly and ensures significant major time savings when searching for the correct parts.

TecAlliance’s RMI database contains repair data in 24 languages for more than 40,000 vehicles from over 60 manufacturers. In addition to automatic repair calculation including overlap calculation, vehicle-specific spare parts packages can be queried. Detailed information is provided on job times, maintenance plans and intervals, test and adjustment values, repair instructions and vehicle electricals. Wheel and tyre combinations approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), including EC operating license numbers, are also available. The technical data is completely integrated into the catalogue systems.

The bulletin, initially be available in English and German, will be sent quarterly by email. Soon there will be the option of registering to receive it on the website. The bulletin will also be available as a download on TecAlliance’s RMI product page:

Questions about the bulletin and requests to unsubscribe can be sent to the following email address:

About TecAlliance

TecAlliance has been compiling vehicle data, spare parts data and repair and maintenance information worldwide for over twenty years. Parts data is collected for all manufacturers, prepared according to the TecAlliance standard and provided to spare parts traders for ordering purposes and to workshops to perform competent vehicle repair and maintenance. Thanks to high-tech solutions, this varied data can be filtered and output to suit the needs of the diverse participants in the market.  As one of the world’s leading suppliers, TecAlliance sets market standards in spare parts information and vehicle descriptions.

This digital data and information base enables workshops, trade and the parts industry to work together in a highly efficient manner. Fleet and leasing companies as well as insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when dealing with maintenance and wear and tear work.

Over the years, further process-optimising services have been added. The parts industry, the parts trade and workshops worldwide all benefit today from the broad data basis of the TecAlliance platforms on which all the supply, demand and approval processes can be integrated and efficiently carried out. With these solutions, TecAlliance is permanently and sustainably improving electronic business processes among the partners in the digital aftermarket.

Today at TecAlliance, over 500 qualified employees from 26 countries around the world, with profound technical and industry knowledge of the automotive aftermarket, work tirelessly to make data and processes more efficient.

TecAlliance – the international driving force for data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.


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TecAlliance is introducing the RMI Bulletin, providing OE customer information regarding the content-based development of the RMI database.

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