TecAlliance increases presence in Central and Eastern Europe

With the establishment of a TecAlliance branch in the Russian capital of Moscow and the expansion of customer support in Poland and Hungary, TecAlliance is pressing ahead with the internationalisation of the company.

TecAlliance OOO in Moscow

The offices of the newly launched Russian branch, TecAlliance OOO, are in the modern German Centre Moscow. The German Centre enjoys easy access to the motorway network and the Metro and is only eight km from the Kremlin.

Robert Szwed, Vice President of Sales Eastern Europe & Central Asia and General Manager of TecAlliance OOO, is working with his team to manage all the business activities in Russia, the other countries in CIS and Georgia.

Modelled on the launches in recent years of TecAlliance offices in Mexico, China, USA and Brazil and significant reinforcement of the teams on the ground, the new branch in Russia will allow the company to move more effectively into and offer enhanced support for customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Our volume of business in Central and Eastern Europe is growing rapidly. With the new office, TecAlliance OOO, we are moved closer to our customers and can now manage our activities even better and bring them into alignment with the particular characteristics of the markets,” Szwed says.

Customer support for Poland and Hungary

The TecAlliance Customer Support network was expanded further in April 2017. Customers in Poland and Hungary now receive support in their own language.

“With the expansion of customer support for our customers in Poland and Hungary, we’re keeping abreast of the trend toward internationalisation in our company. We want to understand our customers and make it as easy as possible for them to communicate with us. The best way to do this is in their own language,” says Bernd Neumann-Mahlkau, Vice President of Customer Services at TecAlliance. “The local customer support employees work in line with the service standards we’ve set to ensure that we meet the requirements of our customers to the greatest possible extent,” explains Neumann-Mahlkau.

As well as looking after TecAlliance customers in Hungary, the Help Desk Hungary also serves Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia. It can be contacted at: Tel. +36 1 203 3474, E-mail: support@teccom.hu. The Help Desk Poland can be contacted at: Tel: +48 501 233 363, E-mail: support@teccom.pl.