TecAlliance is a leading data management specialist in the independent motor vehicle parts market that has been setting global standards for more than 25 years. As a digital innovator and provider of leading expert solutions, TecAlliance supports its customers in using data to optimise daily business, digitising processes and professionally preparing for the digital transformation and the mobility of the future. All of this is performed under the motto ‘driving the digital aftermarket’. Deep industry knowledge, the best data quality, system stability and system security are characteristic of the company.

Core competences: data standardisation and process optimisation

One core competence of TecAlliance is the provision of data for different market participants in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM), i.e. the researching, processing and standardisation of data. At 19 facilities throughout the world, more than 600 TecAlliance employees collect spare part data, maintenance information and repair-related information of manufacturers and link it to vehicle and market data. This work is always characterised by very high quality, precision and up-to-date status.

From TecAlliance’s point of view, this data constitutes the basis for the development of innovative solutions for the digitisation and optimisation of business processes along the entire supply chain – from ordering to billing. The focus is on precision, speed and quality with optimised costs.

Data management and process optimisation are based on the TecDoc Standard, which for 25 years has been synonymous with the highest level of data quality in the international automotive aftermarket. To this day, the TecDoc Standard has made it possible to clearly and unmistakably define each vehicle type and link it to the associated spare parts. The issue of which spare part matches which vehicle is settled beyond a doubt – all around the world. Up to the present day, the TecDoc Standard has made it possible to guarantee the comparability, efficiency, transparency and quality of product data, facilitated the quick and precise identification of spare parts and vehicles and led to the emergence of innovative process solutions throughout the IAM supply chain. Thanks to links to other formats such as ACES/PIES or MAM, the standard is globally compatible.

All players in the IAM benefit from the TecDoc Standard. In the trade sector, the TecDoc Standard enables excellent data quality and web services for effective e-business and customised online catalogues. Workshops benefit from the precise identification of spare parts as well as correct and comprehensive repair and maintenance information (RMI).

The TecDoc Standard forms the basis for the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the leading international spare parts catalogues. This includes more than 110,000 vehicle types, 6.6 million sets of product data corresponding to more than 700 brands, 254 million links and 48 product groups. Parts manufacturers present in the TecDoc Catalogue can access new markets and achieve global outreach. By launching the new Version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue in 2019, TecAlliance is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TecDoc Standard and simultaneously setting new benchmarks in spare parts identification.

Shaping the independent automotive aftermarket together around the world

Innovation and dynamic transformation are basic principles of our era. These changes challenge established concepts, but they also open up future prospects and inspire new courses of action. All companies must adapt to the current market trend and focus their business models and organisations on the digital future.

Internationalisation and proximity to customers range among the data management specialist’s important strategic goals. TecAlliance GmbH has founded numerous branches in recent years – from Mexico and Russia to Malaysia, India and Dubai. In order to expand its presence in North America and worldwide, TecAlliance bought JNPSoft at the beginning of 2019. The company is one of the leading providers of product information software (PIM) in Canada and the US.

In coming years, TecAlliance plans to set up branches in all countries with more than 10 million registered vehicles. Each will initially consist of a small team of experts and be expanded step by step. TecAlliance’s products, solutions and services are currently available in 35 languages and used in more than 140 countries on 6 continents.

“Data is our passion. We shape the independent automotive aftermarket – together with our customers, partners and shareholders, and through game-changing scientific cooperation”, says Jürgen Buchert, CEO of TecAlliance GmbH. “We are focused on the networking of all participants. Collaborative global communication enables us to generate the best strategies, solutions and products for our customers and partners. Regional proximity to customers, partnership and open dialogue form the basis of our strategic alliance. We win together to profit from the reciprocity of a unique global network, which is a cornerstone for the development and implementation of intelligent applications for the mobility concepts of the future.”