TecAlliance is one of the shareholders of Caruso, the neutral, open and secure mobility data and service marketplace, which was founded in November 2017. On the Caruso platform, data that enables the development of mobility services of the future can be bought and sold. TecAlliance makes available its Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) there. Even before the foundation of Caruso, the TecAlliance Data Consulting team supported the start-up with the development of a business model for the platform and worked out application cases for potential partners.

“With our data-driven perspective and methodology, we investigated what added value the platform provides and what a successful business model might look like. In comprehensive discussions with potential Caruso customers and partners, we identified the market requirements and created a basis for the development of the data marketplace,” explains Jens Störmer, Group Manager for Data Consulting at TecAlliance.

“We have shown possible application scenarios to potential providers and users of data. For this, we analysed precisely which data they have, how they can make it available on the platform, which data they would like to obtain and how new business models result from this,” says Störmer.

As a globally recognised industry standard, TecAlliance can support the international spare parts market in its digitalisation due to TecAlliance’s extensive data expertise. The participation in Caruso is an additional opportunity to guide this transformation in the automotive aftermarket and to shape the strategic direction of an emerging digital industry standard for the mobility services of the future.

In addition to advice on digital business models and processes, TecAlliance Data Consulting provides customised advice based on comprehensive data analysis. Examples of this include portfolio optimisation to increase sales prospects, market analysis to tap into new markets or return flow analysis to reduce return costs.

You can find further information on Data Consulting on the TecAlliance website.