The International Women’s Day was held worldwide on March, 8th. For more than 100 years now, this day has been used worldwide to stand up for equal rights and against discrimination against women. Our site in Mexico joined the nationally organized strike entitled “Un día sin mujeres” (“A day without women”). The movement is intended to highlight the loss that the working society would suffer without the participation of women. For this reason, all Mexican women stopped working on March, 9th; the staff of TecAlliance de México also supported this action.

“To dedicate just one day to such an important social issue is not enough. That’s why we decided to dedicate our World Women’s Day campaign to the whole month of March. “March belongs to women” is intended to bring the personal experiences and stories of our employees worldwide to the surface. Most of them come from male-dominated industries and show in their very personal statements that the automotive industry is far from being where it should be, but is developing positively.

It is important for TecAlliance to emphasize that what matters in working together is not gender, but the skills and competencies of the individual,” says Natalie Kila, Campaign & Community Manager at TecAlliance.

A total of twelve stories from twelve different women from our global locations – Canada, Brazil and Tenerife – are shown. The videos will be published on our social media channels such as on our LinkedIn page – follow us at:

You can also find all videos in full length on our Youtube channel