The global leader in data-driven solutions invites suppliers and traders to learn more about its innovative and money-saving warranty & returns platform, through two free webinars in early September.

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Warranty claims and parts returns represent a significant cost for the entire automotive aftermarket, which is why suppliers are always looking for ways to improve the process and streamline the procedure. Aware of these issues and in a unique position to provide an innovative solution, TecAlliance has delivered an online portal that allows parts manufacturers/suppliers, wholesalers and workshops to handle all of their warranty claims and returns in a quick and straight forward manner, with all the benefits that obviously provides.

To enable suppliers and traders interested in the solution to learn more about its functionalities and benefits, as well as watch a live demonstration and ask questions about it, TecAlliance has put in place two free of charge webinars of one hour’s duration, entitled ‘Introduction to Warranty & Returns’, which will take place at 08:00 on 3rd September and 13:00 on 4th September.

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The ideal solution for warranty handling and returns processes

The Warranty & Returns module forms part of the TecAlliance Order Manager solution and covers not just the warranty claim process, but also the return of incorrectly delivered parts, for example.

Based on the information provided with the claim and supported by additional material such as video footage or product images, which are uploaded onto the system, suppliers can, in real time, access its validity and decide whether a replacement part is merited or a partial refund the most appropriate solution, for instance.

Being able to carry out this assessment remotely not only saves time, but also reduces the environmental impact and the overall cost, as generally the part will not need to be transported back to the supplier. On occasion however, an online decision may not be possible, so built into the system is the ability for suppliers to request the return of the product for further investigation, as well as provide the shipping documentation necessary for those making the claim.

Although the quality of replacement parts is generally very high and most warranty claims are found to be a result of incorrect fitment, production defects and delivery mistakes can happen and being able to deal with these issues quickly and efficiently makes all the difference as it minimises the effects on valuable customers.

To this end the Warranty & Returns module allows users to customise the system’s digital returns form and export claims in CSV format to process them into an ERP system.

From wholesale and workshop perspectives, the solution also provides huge benefits as they can create and submit warranty claims and returns with minimal effort and without cost, but also quickly and accurately, as the system is supported by TecDoc parts and vehicle data. In addition, if they can keep track on the status of their claim and without the need to send parts back for examination, it also saves them money.

To register for the free webinars, please visit: for 3rd September or for 4th September.

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