GOLDA, the French IAM association, will continue to rely on TecAlliance’s Order to Invoice platform (TecCom) and market this exclusively in France. At 5 pm on 17 October 2017, TecAlliance CEO Jürgen Buchert and GOLDA President Philippe Baudin will sign the new contract at GOLDA’s trade fair stand at Equip’Auto (Hall 1 J50). Here for the first time in the French market, GOLDA will unveil the enhanced version of Order Web (TecWeb 5.0), the well-proven online solution for electronic order processing.

GOLDA and TecAlliance – dependable partners in the French IAM for nearly 10 years

GOLDA (Groupement pour l’Optimisation des Liaisons dans la Distribution Automobile) was founded in 1996 by the French Vehicle Equipment Industry (FIEV) and the French Association for Automotive Distribution (FEDA). Since January 2009, TecAlliance has held a 25 per cent stake in GOLDA SAS. The new contract, which goes into effect on 1 January 2018, guarantees GOLDA exclusive distribution rights for the order-to-invoice solution in France for another five years.

TecAlliance CEO Jürgen Buchert emphasises the importance of this long-term partnership. “The French market can continue to rely on GOLDA and TecAlliance as dependable and responsible partners. We have been pursuing the same goals in the independent aftermarket for over 20 years: By standardizing data and optimizing processes at and among market participants, we want to create an infrastructure that will make them more successful and competitive in the long term. With GOLDA, we found the ideal partner in France. They have been the exclusive distributor of our solutions in this market for almost ten years and will continue to do so in the future,” says Buchert.

Premiere of Order Web (TecWeb 5.0) in France

GOLDA is presenting the Internet application Order Web (TecWeb 5.0) to the French market for the first time at Equip’Auto, the trade fair for car parts and accessories which runs from 17–21 October 2017 in Paris. Order Web is the enhanced version of the proven solution for electronic order processing in the independent automotive aftermarket.

This complete solution for the automation, acceleration and simplification of parts orders between parts traders and suppliers wins points with its modern design, innovative user concept and numerous new functions. Among other things, Order Web offers access to the entire range of TecDoc Catalogue data, smoothly adapts to different screen sizes for optimum operation with every device – whether smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop – and offers many individual filter and configuration options for the easiest and most efficient use.

Further information is available on the TecAlliance website. You can register as an orderer via the direct link TecAlliance Customer Support will be happy to answer any further questions.


left to right.: GOLDA Vice-Président Olivier Chaussende, Président Philippe Baudin, TecAlliance CEO Jürgen Buchert