On 28 and 29 September 2018, the TecAlliance site in Weikersheim, Germany, played host to the first-ever hackathon for TecAlliance employees. The hackathon – the word combines the words ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’ – is an event in which participants from different departments jointly develop innovative software or hardware. They may also find creative solutions to specific problems.

The TecAlliance Employee Hackathon was the result of an initiative by several employees, who also took care of the invitations and running the event. The event lasted for 24 hours (this time included group meals and a few hours of sleep), during which the participants from different TecAlliance departments and offices dealt with topics such as:

  • Possible uses of blockchain technology
  • Social outreach concepts
  • Company sports at TecAlliance
  • Reading out error codes from the OBD2 interface (on-board diagnostics)
  • Optimisation of maintenance manuals
  • Development of an app for synonyms
  • Full-text search for repair and maintenance information (RMI data)
  • Redesigning the website domain and the blogs for trainees and work-study students
  • TecAlliance terminology wiki
  • WebService test framework

Several innovative and promising ideas and concepts were developed at the first TecAlliance Employee Hackathon; these will now be checked out and some of them will be implemented. The participants enjoyed the event enormously and are already looking forward to the next one!