Some of the most important parts manufacturers in Australia gathered in Melbourne on the 27th of November, 2013, for the first meeting of the Australia Vehicle Data Steering Committee. The steering committee was established to impress on data suppliers the importance of TecDoc for the Australian market, improve the flow of information, and facilitate cooperation in the maintenance of Australian vehicle data. The resounding success of this first meeting will be followed up with bi-annual steering committee meetings in the future.

An important topic at the meeting was the sourcing of specific data for the Australian market because around half of the country’s current vehicle population is made up of local Australian brands. In order to do this, the participants above all required information on how to use TecDoc’s DMM (Data Maintenance Module) that data suppliers use to enter and maintain their data in accordance with TecDoc standards and specifications.

Andrew Mattock, the TecAlliance representative responsible for the department of Business Development for the Australia market, rated the event a great success. He summarised as follows: “The participants were very satisfied with this first event. They came to realise that the steering committee provides them with the opportunity to jointly participate in the work on this important industry theme for Australia. As parts manufacturers they face the same challenges. Now they can join forces and lay down common standards for the Australian market”.

The next meetings will be held in Sydney on the 22nd of May and in Melbourne on the 20th of November, 2014.