There is a direct relationship between data quality and the quality of decision-making, and accordingly, catalogue data must be consistently geared to the needs of users so that parts identification processes are optimally supported. To ensure that the TecDoc Catalogue data optimally supports these decision-making processes at the point of sale, our DQM team is currently redefining product-specific differentiation attributes for article and vehicle linkages.

In the future, the differentiation attributes, in combination with a defined set of rules, will offer our suppliers significantly better guidelines for an optimal design of the display logic on the first page of the catalogue.

Customers will then only see those attributes in linkages which are relevant and necessary for differentiating products and making a final decision.

“With these new quality measures, we want to continuously improve the quality of the TecDoc Catalogue data and thus ensure sustainable sales success and a decline in the number of returns”, says Andreas Assmann, Director Data Quality Management.

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