Six local heroes promote IAMs’ digitization in South Africa

Ismaning, 28 April 2020 – TecAlliance, a leading global player for data and data services to vehicle market, strengthen its global footprint in South Africa. Since the beginning of 2020, Cape Part Distributors, Argus Motoring Company and G.U.D. Holding have signed data suppliers contracts to enhance and reinforce TecAlliances’ data supplier brand community with the brands Auto Cylinders, DOE, Beta, Argus Motoring, Rhyno and GUD. Each data supplier can make his article data available and become part of the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s largest replacement parts catalogue to reach customers in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM).

Three local data suppliers with six South African brands to shape the automotive aftermarket

#1 Auto Cylinder by Cape Parts Distributers

The family owned business Cape Parts Distributors started out as a general Motor Vehicle Spares Distributor in the Cape in 1985 and has gradually specialized in hydraulics, both in kit form and complete cylinders. Today country’s leading distributors and retailers, namely Parts Incorporated Africa (Midas) and Autozone rely on the high standard of quality of products and manufacturing processes of the specialists in the Hydraulic Brake and Clutch components.

#2 Argus Motor Company with its brands DOE, Beta, Argus Motoring and Rhyno

For more than 60 years Argus has been in the import and distribution of motor spares. In that time, customer service has been integrated in every aspect of its business. High quality parts are offered at excellent and fair prices . In addition automated technology, sophisticated and cutting edge infrastructure ensures reliable service to customers.

#3 GUD Filters by G.U.D. Holding

In 1949 GUD Filters, one of South Africa’s leading automotive filter brands, manufactured its first Filter in Durban. As the automotive industry evolved the company expanded over time. GUD places great emphasis on quality to exceed the requirements of all its market. Up till now GUD has extended its success across international boundaries and currently exports to five continents.

Robert Szwed, Vice President Partner Management and Africa, sums up by saying: “Data is our passion. We shape the International Automotive Aftermarket together with our customers, partners and shareholders and through game-changing scientific cooperation. We are focused on connecting all market participants. Regional proximity to customers, partnerships and open dialogue form the basis of our expansion. These strong local brands helps us to deepen our global footprint and to strengthen the market position of TecDoc as a catalog data standard in South Africa.”

When asked about the data suppliers benefits Robert Szwed adds: “Data driven business in South Africa is growing and it is pretty clear that suppliers need an experienced partner like us to speed up their digitization. It’s a win-win situation. A data supplier makes its article data available and becomes part of the TecDoc Catalogue.  In this way they can expand  their reach and enter into new markets which contributes to the increase in sales.”

As latest news TecAlliance is proud to announce that one of the biggest wholesalers in Africa – Motus Aftermarket Parts – is from now on TecDoc data user. Their own B2B catalog based on the latest TecDoc-data will be available to customers across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

In the coming years, TecAlliance is planning to set up branches in every country with more than 10 million registered vehicles. Each will initially consist of a small team of experts and be expanded step by step.