It is becoming more and more difficult for individuals and organizations to keep all of their information, programs & systems up and running on in-house computer servers. Cloud computing platforms tend to be less expensive and more reliable, secure and flexible than on-premises servers. Local data storage & expert knowledge to supervise external database infrastructure are not required. The advantages are clear: With the cloud, equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft, or damage is nearly non-existent. The cloud technology guarantees global high-performance availability.

The TecDoc Catalogue Web Service 3.0, our comfortable solution to integrate the comprehensive TecDoc Catalogue data into customers’ shop or catalogue solution using an interface (API), is already in the cloud for more than a year now – successfully, fast and without any break downs.

In addition, convenient integration of RMI data into customer’s shop and catalogue system is possible via web service/API. Now we successfully migrated all RMI Web Service customers from ATOS to the Cloud Service from Microsoft Azure.

By expanding the services to regional located cloud services we are able to bring applications closer to users around the world, preserving data speed and high service level for our customers.

Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services helping us to meet our business challenges. With more certifications than any other cloud provider, Azure is a trusted partner and leader in privacy, compliance, and security.