For the Automechanika 2014 TecAlliance had two new films made that are now available on the YouTube video platform. One video presents the company TecAlliance and its three brands TecCom, TecDoc and TecRMI. The second film reports on the TecAlliance brand TecRMI.

The TecAlliance image film shows the company and its brands TecDoc, TecRMI and TecCom. It presents the way the company uses its three integrated solutions to deliver product and vehicle data as well as repair and maintenance information to the independent automotive replacement part market. The film also shows how TecAlliance supports market participants’ ordering and delivery processes. It is available in German and English.

The TecRMI program shows how the TecAlliance employees in the Weikersheim office prepare repair and maintenance information from automobile manufacturers for the automotive aftermarket and standardise it for Distribution. The program is available in German with English subtitles.

The films can be seen online under the link