The restructuring of TecAlliance into an agile organisation has been in full swing since October 2018. The goal is to continue to be a pioneer and partner for innovative business models for TecAlliance customers and to enable them to benefit from the new developments in the digital aftermarket with the best possible industry solutions.

Change is a fundamental principle of this era; This applies to TecAlliance in particular, and to the entire automotive aftermarket. The market is changing rapidly; new developments such as digitisation, new mobility concepts and globalisation challenge proven practices, but they also create perspectives for the future and inspire new ways.

New challenges offer a lot of opportunities! TecAlliance wants to continue to offer the best possible solutions to the industry in the future so that customers can make optimum use of them.

The restructuring is also a reaction to the feedback and wishes of TecAlliance customers, as expressed in the annual customer survey and by direct feedback and other means. These requirements are even more important in the development of TecAlliance products and services.

For TecAlliance, “agile transformation” means that all teams and processes and the IT landscape are set up so that digital solutions are developed in a more flexible and focused manner for customers.

The new organisation consists of four business units to focus on the target customer segments: data managers from trade and manufacturers, order managers and fleet managers. In the business units, experts from all core disciplines work autonomously in small teams using agile working methods. They get the necessary data from the data factory, while efficient support processes for finance, IT, marketing and human resources are provided by Corporate Competence Services. Customer satisfaction will be significantly increased through personal responsibility, maximum flexibility and shorter development cycles.