TecAlliance as one of the leading data management specialist in the independent automotive aftermarket is offering an ideal e-invoicing solution for the Italian market. TecAlliance e-Invoicing fully complies with the regulations that have applied to all electronic invoices in Italian B2B business since January 2019. In addition, invoice senders can be sure that they exploit the full potential arising from the automation of order-to-invoice processes, relying on our 25 years of experience. In a free webinars on 17 October 2019 at 11 am, the TecAlliance experts will inform about the advantages and functions of the e-Invoicing module and answer any open questions.

Cologne. Germany. 7 October 2019. The move to electronic invoices is part of a global trend towards increased efficiency and transparency. E-invoicing will result in faster payments, lower printing and postage costs, and cheaper document storage costs. However, compliance with VAT rules is a very critical issue, especially in Italy. All VAT-registered businesses must issue invoices electronically in FatturaPA format via the online exchange system Sistema di Interscambio (SdI), formatted in accordance with the Italian Revenue Agency’s (Agenzia Entrate) rules.

Avoid fines and comply to all legal requirements

If an electronic invoice in Italy is not sent via SdI or rejected by SdI because of formatting errors or missing mandatory information, 90 to 180 percent of VAT are due. The buyer is not allowed to deduct input tax if the invoice is not sent via SdI and a penalty of 100 percent of the tax or minimum 250 euros is due if he deducts it nevertheless.

TecAlliance’s e-Invoicing is one of the key modules of the Order Manager, the end-to-end solution for the entire automotive supply chain. The e-Invoicing module correctly transmits e-invoices in the FatturaPA format and complies to all the legal requirements, such as content integrity, origin authenticity and legibility or protection of sensitive data.

The ideal e-invoicing solution for the global automotive aftermarket

TecAlliance’s e-Invoicing module perfectly deals with the complexity caused by different formats and legal requirements for digital incoming and outgoing invoices. “Our e-Invoicing solution is widely used by major automotive aftermarket suppliers and traders”, says TecAlliance’s Business Consultant Davide Valotti. “80 global suppliers are currently using our solution, sending invoices to more than 6,000 receivers in 65 countries. In Italy, there are more than 200 invoice receivers and that number keeps constantly growing. Our customers have decided to use our e-Invoicing module because we are offering a really consolidated solution which perfectly responds to the requirements of the automotive aftermarket. One single tool covers all their needs regarding the automation of invoice processes, also in international business.”

Highly automated e-invoicing processes lead to a reduction of processing times and costs and increase quality and transparency. It also improves the relations between suppliers and customers: no lost invoices, better use of cash discounts and optimised cash management. “Our e-Invoicing module is a key part of the Order Manager, which is the most renowned order-to-invoice solution in the European automotive aftermarket. E-Invoicing can also be used as a stand-alone solution, but in combination with the Order module it really unfolds its full optimization potential”, explains Davide Valotti.

In a free webinar on 17 October 2019 at 11 am, the TecAlliance experts will show how invoicing as an important part of the order-to-invoice process can be optimised. They will present the various functions and advantages of the e-Invoicing module in a live demonstration. Specific questions from the participants will also be answered. Interested persons can register for the webinar on the TecAlliance website and receive further information on the e-Invoicing module: