With the cloud-based web application Entry Supply Web, automotive spare parts suppliers can quickly, easily and cost-effectively receive orders from over 25,000 users of the Order Manager’s Order module.

Entry Supply Web enables the receipt and export of stock orders from all the trade customers connected to the Order Manager platform – without integration into your own IT systems or implementation effort.

A guided online process supports suppliers in processing orders and creating all related transaction documents such as order confirmation, shipping notification and invoice – for a quick introduction to electronic order processing.

The cloud-based application eliminates orders by phone, fax and email, reducing the administrative burden and the risk of errors during order receipt while increasing customer satisfaction.

The standardised message formats for data transmission ensure smooth cooperation with all trading partners connected to the Order Manager platform.

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In our expert interview, you can read how parts manufacturers, traders and workshops in the automotive aftermarket benefit from the new Order Manager, the holistic solution for the order-to-invoice process.