Vehicle Specifications (HMD)

Former Headline Make and Model Data

Detailed vehicle specifications

Vehicle Specifications (HMD) covering all operational vehicles in 7 regions and 75+ countries.

The data contains over 60 attributes to identify a vehicle featuring light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. All vehicles are linked to their Global Automobile Platform which is shared set of common design, engineering, and production efforts, as well as major components across outwardly looking distinct models and even types of automobiles, often from different, but related manufacturers.

  • Fully specified data
  • Monthly updates including new generations and facelift modifications
  • Related to vehicle populations of each country
Vehicle Specifications (HMD) comprises the following components:

  • OE Vehicle Specification Database (containing all automobiles since 1930)
  • OE Truck and Bus Specification Database (containing all Heavy Commercial Vehicles since 1960)
  • OE Tractor Specification Database (containing all agricultural vehicles in Europe)
Vehicle Specifications (HMD) offers the following features:

  • Technical specifications (cc, hp, engine code, model code, body form, etc.)
  • Global Vehicle in Operation registrations for over 75 countries
  • Linked to TecAlliance Vehicle ID
  • Linked USA AAIA ACES and UK MAM MMI V8 references
  • Linked to spare parts information for Europe, and on demand for new emerging markets (more than 35 article groups)
  • Global model and body segment (A, B, C etc.)
Why Vehicle Specifications (HMD)?

  • Easy inventory management
  • Reduce R&D expenditures
  • Efficiency  and quality improvements
  • Stimulation innovative and specialized product development
Key Figures:

  • Over 60 identifying vehicular attributes
  • Over 450 brands globally
  • Over 100.000 vehicle ID‘s
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