TecDoc Web Service


A flexible and modular enquiry system for convenient online database access

TecDoc Web Service is a service that gives TecDoc Web Service customers online access to data, catalogue searches, articles and functions. It represents the best solution for designing your own procurement platform with an individual user interface and personal design – with monthly updated TecDoc data.

  • Monthly update of the TecDoc data
  • Simple combination with other web solutions
  • Flexibility for designing your own interface
  • Optional information for repairs and maintenance
  • Direct connection to your in-house ERP system
  • Excellent service worldwide
TecDoc Web Service comprises the following components:

  • Product, vehicle and technical data from one unique source
  • Monthly updated TecDoc data
  • Flexible service for designing your individual online shop
  • Compact and flexible data formats
  • Standardised data output
  • Cloud technology guarantees worldwide service
TecDoc Web Service offers the following features:

  • The TecDoc data is available in 35 languages
  • Integration of TecDoc product and vehicle data in your ERP System
  • One-click activation of additional functionalities
  • Easily combinable with the Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) Web Service
  • Easy to combine with other web solutions
Why TecDoc Web Service?

  • No storage of data in local infrastructure
  • Easy access to necessary information
  • No special expert knowledge for the infrastructure of external databases required
  • Outstanding flexibility in designing your own user interface for data input and display
  • Cost savings through standardised query system
  • Product, vehicle and technical data from one unique source
  • Continuously updated data
Key figures:

  • Worldwide vehicle base: 74,600 car types, 35,500 commercial vehicle types and 7,500 motorcycles
  • More than 6 million product articles with approx. 224 million vehicle links
  • Standardised in 35 languages
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