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Web-based spare parts catalogue with vehicle and product information from around the world

TecDoc Web is a low-cost, easily-accessible alternative to the classic TecDoc Catalogue DVD. It offers current and comprehensive data for the identification and provision of parts – in a standardised data format.

Our catalogue provides workshop professionals with comprehensive vehicle identification information and allows the appropriate selection of vehicle spare parts. Maintenance information and additional convenience functions, including VIN filters and a graphic search, complete the contents of the catalogue. We have collected and linked all workshop-relevant information for you on one platform.

  • Several article search options
  • Clear identification of spare parts
  • Standardised high-quality data
  • Additional information for repairs and maintenance
  • Export and shopping cart functionality
  • Extended catalogue with spare parts for the European market
TecDoc Web comprises the following components:

  • The world’s largest vehicle database with more than 110,000 unique vehicle types
  • 6,000,000 standardised product descriptions and numerous images in 35 languages
  • Technical data for repair and maintenance of cars and trucks
  • Advanced search options: via selection of vehicle manufacturer – the model series, engine, axle, universal parts search, the typical parts search tree by component, and direct article search (through article, OEM, IAM or Trade Number)
  • Vehicle identification using VIN filter, as well as country-specific input option (number plates, KBA, etc.)
  • Graphic parts identification
  • Indication of recommended retail prices
TecDoc Web offers the following features:

  • Integrated shopping cart
  • Export function for direct order
  • Integrated data for labour , maintenance data, setting values and Manuals
  • Individually adjustable product package
  • Multi-user offerings
Why TecDoc Web?

  • Product information of major spare parts manufacturers always available online
  • Fast customer service thanks to reliable parts identification
  • Monthly data update
  • First-class market coverage: Information on virtually all vehicles in western and eastern Europe
  • Intuitive use
  • Image-supported search paths allow quick and correct parts identification
  • Greater efficiency through integrated maintenance data and convenience functions
Key figures :

  • Worldwide vehicle base: 74,600 car types, 35,500 commercial vehicle types and 7,500 motorcycles
  • More than 6 million product articles with approx. 224 million vehicle links
  • Standardised in 35 languages
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