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SMR Job Management (TecControl)


Automated online administration and handling of workshop orders from approval to invoicing

SMR Job Management is an online platform that fleet managers and workshops can use to automate the joint workflow of order approval. This results in enormous time savings on both sides. Tedious invoice checking is also omitted, as this has already been performed as part of order approval. Thus SMR Job Management can also significantly reduce the time that a vehicle spends in the workshop, as well as the invoicing time. SMR Job Management is therefore the perfect solution for both parties.

  • Order approval in less than 2 minutes with SMR Job Management
  • Orders can still be expanded
  • Images or order documents can be attached
  • Communication with the fleet documented in the system
  • Invoice checking is performed at the same time as order approval
  • Costly invoice claims are limited to individual cases
  • Faster comparison of invoices
SMR Job Management (TecControl) comprises the following components:

  • SMR Job Management Fleet Web for fleet managers
  • SMR Job Management Workshop Web for workshops
  • Fleet Service Provider (FSP) Client for service providers that generate “Order Requests“
  • Web Service
  • Repair and maintenance data
  • Fully-configurable approval logic
SMR Job Management (TecControl) offers the following features:

  • Administration of maintenance and wear work
  • Web-based application that can be used everywhere
  • Access to manufacturer-compliant data for approvals
  • Flexible integration into all existing systems via web Service
  • Available 24/7
  • For all EU countries in 23 languages
Why SMR Job Management (TecControl)?

  • Increased efficiency: Automatic request approvals mean that fleet/carpool managers can leave the invoice verification for a later date, and workshops do not have to wait for the approval of the fleet. Both cases considerably reduce working hours that can now be put to more efficient use.
  • Electronic vehicle documents: All requests generated via SMR Job Management are stored in the system and can be retrieved at any time.
Key figures:

  • 23 languages
  • Europe-wide vehicle information
  • 910,000 repair manuals
  • 22,000 cars
  • 3,3 million service plans with 19,1 million labour values
  • 5.7 million technical data records
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