SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit)

Former TecAUDIT

Manual invoice checking using manufacturer-compliant data such as spare parts prices and labour values/working hours

SMR Invoice Verification is an online platform that fleet managers can use to check invoices manually. As such, complete tasks, as well as individual spare parts with prices or individual job items as labour time estimates, can be verified.

  • Review of labour times and spare parts prices using OE-compliant repair and maintenance data, as well as current parts prices
  • Integrated overlap calculation
  • Automatic listing of all necessary spare parts with OE numbers and prices
SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit) comprises the following components:

  • Webservice
  • Webapplication: SMR Invoice Verification Portal
SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit) offers the following features:

  • Graphic selection of parts
  • Vehicle identification via VIN, national codes such as KBA or conventionally via manufacturer – model – type
  • Search function based on:
    • Free text
    • OE APOS number
    • OES part number
  • Automatic compilation of the spare parts package
  • Option to select the service due with ServiceFinder
  • Manufacturer-compliant labour time estimates (wear and maintenance) with integrated compound calculation
  • Consideration of country-specific manufacturing specifications
  • Integration options:
    • Webservice
    • SMR Invoice Verification Portal
    • OEM data search
    • Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) Individual Data Package
  • In 24 languages
  • Complex adjustment options by setting customer-specific parameters
Why SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit)?

  • Simple vehicle identification
  • Automatic calculation, taking composite labour calculations and required parts into account
  • Rapid examination of cost estimates and invoices
  • Access to technical repair and maintenance information
  • Manufacturer-compliant labour times and parts information
Key figures:

  • 910,000 repair manuals
  • 22,000 cars
  • 3.3 million service plans with 19,1 million labour values
  • 24 languages
  • Europe-wide vehicle Information
  • 5.7 million technical data records
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