Repair and Maintenance Information (TecRMI)

Former TecRMI

Technical data of all current vehicle manufacturers in the fields of car repairs, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics

Repair and Maintenance Information provides technical data for vehicle workshops, parts distributors and the industry. Here we can offer a vast range of individual solutions for customers. Virtually anything is possible: a hotline, individual data supplies in widely varied formats with the most comprehensive technical content, complete manuals in the customer layout, an interface with our technical data and the web service, and special solutions for online vehicle parts distributors with solutions for significant sales increase.

  • OE-compliant repair and maintenance data
  • Due to standardisation, all manuals and maintenance plans are identical for all vehicle manufacturers, allowing increased efficiency for the customer
  • Cost saving
  • Easy integration into in-house systems
  • Data can be supplied in widely varied forms and integrated into the customer environment
Repair and Maintenance Information comprises the following components:

  • Webservice
  • Web application
  • Offline data provision in various formats (e.g. CSV, Excel, PDF)
  • Repair and Maintenance Information comprises the following information modules and comfort functions:
    • Vehicle identification via VIN filter
    • Graphic selection
    • Maintenance information
    • Labour time estimates
    • Wheel and tyre information
    • Product recalls and change service
    • Test and adjustment values, tightening torques
    • Filling levels and specifications
    • Repair instructions
    • Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    • Interactive circuit diagrams for ABS, air conditioning and engines
    • Circuit diagrams for comfort systems
    • Diagnosis (OBD2) and error codes (EOBD)
    • Fuses and relays
    • Positions of components in the engine compartment
Repair and Maintenance Information offers the following features:

  • Graphic selection of parts
  • Automatic compilation of the spare parts package
  • Option to select the service due with ServiceFinder
  • Display of the special tools required, including OE no.
  • Manufacturer-compliant labour time estimates with integrated overlap calculation
  • Consideration of country-specific manufacturing specifications
  • Vehicle identification via VIN, national codes such as KBA or conventionally via manufacturer – model – type
  • Turnkey interfaces for integration into spare parts catalogue
  • Integration Options:
    • Web Service
    • Full integration into the customer’s own systems or catalogue solutions
    • In-house web application
    • TecDoc catalogue
    • Offline data provision for hosting the data in the customer’s own system
    • Individual data project
Why Repair and Maintenance Information?

  • Standard terminology and standardisation across all vehicle manufacturers
  • Labour time estimates with the job position numbers of the manufacturer and automatic overlap calculation
  • References to the TecAlliance Vehicle ID and TecAlliance Generic Article ID
  • Automatic illustration of spare parts packages for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Vehicle identification via VIN, national codes such as KBA or conventionally via manufacturer – model – type
  • Turnkey interfaces for integration into spare parts catalogue
Key figures:

  • 3,7 million repair manuals
  • 28,000 cars
  • 4,1 million service plans with 22,2 million labour values
  • 24 languages
  • Europe-wide vehicle information
  • 7,4 million technical data records
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