Expert Hotline

Former TecEXPERT

Technical support in all aspects of motor vehicle technology

The Expert Hotline is a component of the TecAlliance service spectrum that helps you to improve the quality of your service. Our motor vehicle specialists offer you and your customers targeted advice and solutions for cars and commercial vehicles. Detailed monthly evaluations of all queries demonstrate the improvement potential within your operations.

  • Strong consultation service based on in-house technical and accumulated empirical values
  • Customer proximity through Hotline service
  • Faster troubleshooting and avoidance of repair errors
  • Comprehensive support of your service portfolio
Expert Hotline offers the following features:

  • Support provided by qualified master mechanics
  • Presence of our specialists according to your company guidelines: Greeting, presentation, transaction, closing statement, email signature, etc.
  • Generation of monthly reports and analyses via use of the Expert Hotline
  • Support concerning:
    • Vehicle data
    • Setting values and filling levels
    • Maintenance and Servic
    • Repair and overhau
    • Vehicle electrical/electronic
    • General matters in vehicle technology
Why is there an Expert Hotline?

  • TecAlliance offers you customer-focussed services, which are based on many years of experience.
  • You have full access to this potential knowledge.
  • Our expertise is based on in-house, high-quality, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data.
  • Continuous employee training in theory and practice, as well as access to all available original vehicle documents, make the service unique in this segment.
  • You concentrate on your core business and leave exceptional cases to us.
  • Customer proximity: You can increase the satisfaction of your customers and build trust by handling customer queries promptly and meeting customer requirements at short notice.
Our customers:

  • Centro
  • Point’s
  • Coparts
  • Europart
  • Hostettler
  • ZF Service Pro Tech
  • ARCD
  • ATP
  • Carat
  • Birner
  • TRW
  • Kaiser Werkstatt Systeme
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