Reference Data Package

Former TecDoc Reference Data

The standard for vehicle data, vehicle components and product classifications

The world-famous standard in the automotive aftermarket for the description of vehicles, vehicle components and product information. Become a part of the TecAlliance community to get your systems to speak and understand the internationally successful data language of the automotive aftermarket.

  • Extensive vehicle database
  • Exact product classification
  • Proven search structures
  • Monthly updates
  • Available as a download
Reference Data Package comprises the following components:

  • Vehicle data (cars and commercial vehicles, vans, motorcycles)
  • Data on vehicle engines, axles, drivers’ cabs
  • Generic articles (product classification)
  • Criteria (attributes) and key tables
  • Suggestions regarding search structures
Reference Data Package offers the following features:

  • The vehicle database with well over 100,000 vehicles (cars, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) in a standardised structure
  • Product classification (generic articles) with over 6000 product classes.
  • Search structures (search trees) as reinforced structured access to the product groups
  • Monthly update
  • Available for download in TAF 2.4 format
Why Reference Data Package?

  • Informational edge through extensive vehicle database with over 100,000 vehicles (cars, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) in a standardised structure
  • Unambiguous product classification via our Generic Articles, with over 6,000 product classes.
  • Simple and efficient searching using search trees, as reinforced, structured access to the product groups
  • Access to information which is kept constantly up to date, via monthly updates
  • Conveniently available as a download (in TAF 2.4 format)
  • Available in 35 languages
Key Figures:

  • 74,600 car types plus 7,500 types of two-wheelers and 10,000 LCVs in addition to over 35,500 types of commercial vehicle
  • Standardised in 35 languages
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