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Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI)

Former TecCMI

Joint logistics platform for trade and industry, specialising in the motor vehicle spare parts market

Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) is the IT-based logistics platform for industry and trade, specialising in the independent motor vehicle spare parts market. The standard solution handles the planning, forecasting and replenishment, resulting in automated and cost-optimised stock planning. The solution Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) unites all conventional, recognised and tried-and-tested statistical material planning procedures. The results are clearly illustrated in a graphic interface. Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) is available on a service basis and thus requires no investment in your IT infrastructure.

  • Extensive replenishment automation
  • Reduction of supply bottlenecks and/or zero stock
  • Stock reduction
  • High-quality, low-effort sales forecasts
  • Cost-optimised order proposals and inventories
  • Concentration on product range management and problematic articles
  • More intensive cooperation with the supplier
  • Reduction of warehousing and processing costs
  • Increased sales thanks to enhanced service level
  • Transparency of stock situation and future order situation of the distributor
  • Joint solution for exceptional situations and bottlenecks
  • Weak-point analysis of the process chain
  • Joint execution of planning, forecasting and replenishment processes leads to more intensive cooperation with the distributor
Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) comprises the following components:

  • Remote Desktop Connection
Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) offers the following features:

  • Execution of joint planning, forecast and replenishment processes, for automatic, cost-optimised material planning for your articles
  • Inventory management with Collaborative Managed Inventory
  • Inventory management with Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Daily transfer of:
    • Article product range
    • Sales
    • Inventory
    • Outstanding orders
    • Reservations
    • Forecast purchasing volumes of the distributor
    • Order proposal
  • Automation of replenishment
Why Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI)?

  • Cost reduction: A transparent stock/order situation allows collaborative partners to lower their warehousing and processing costs.
  • Warehouse optimisation: Spare parts manufacturers and distributors optimise their inventories, reduce supply bottlenecks and optimise replenishment thanks to close and automated cooperation.
  • Effective analysis tool: A precise analysis shows you the weak points in the entire process chain. That lets you concentrate on managing your product range and optimising articles.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to reliable sales forecasting, your orders are cost-efficient.
  • Service focus: Spare parts manufacturers and distributors work in close cooperation. This increases sales for both parties.
Key figures:

  • Forecasts and order proposals are generated daily for approx. 1.2 million articles
  • Collaborative Managed Inventory (TecCMI) maps almost 50 collaborations between spare parts manufacturers and distributors
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