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e-Invoicing (TecInvoice)

Former TecInvoice

Generation and dispatch of legally valid electronic invoices

Electronic invoicing offers considerable savings potential for invoice senders and invoice recipients. Outgoing and incoming invoice processes can be automated, thus reducing material and processing costs. With e-Invoicing (TecInvoice) legally valid electronic invoices can be dispatched quickly, securely and globally. The solution can be employed independent of IT environment, data formats, volume of invoices or customer structure. In addition to various delivery options for invoice recipients, it also supports the archiving of invoice documents.

  • Legally valid
  • Workflow optimisation for invoice dispatch and incoming inspection
  • Reduction of material and process costs
  • Reduction of errors and handling times
  • Efficient payment transactions
  • Workflow transparency
  • Strong partner network
  • Industry standard TXML 2.5
e-Invoicing  (TecInvoice) comprises the following components:

  • Transmission components for invoice dispatch: SAP modules, MS-Dynamics-AX modules, dispatchers for other ERP systems
  • Receipt components for receiving invoices by web service: e-Invoicing Pull Client, e-Invoicing TomConnect, SAP module
  • Invoice Portal
  • Long-term archive
  • Platform for invoice exchange
e-Invoicing (TecInvoice) offers the following features:

  • Receipt and dispatch of electronic invoices
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Industry standard for structured data
  • Format conversion
  • Turnkey integration for SAP and other ERP Systems
  • Various invoice delivery options: ERP integration, by web service, email
  • Invoice portal for downloading invoices
  • Audit-compliant archiving of invoice documents
  • Support of central settlement and roaming
Why e-Invoicing (TecInvoice)?

  • Tax-compliant invoice processing for invoice senders and recipients
  • Efficient invoicing and reduction of material and processing costs for sending invoices
  • Automatic incoming invoice processing minimises errors and reduces checking and handling times, discounts received can be used better
  • Workflow transparency
  • Compatible with any IT infrastructure of the invoice sender or recipient
  • Support and consultation from experts throughout the entire workflow: from generating the invoice to archiving
  • Strong partner network with coordinated industry standard
Key figures:

  • More than 60 invoice senders
  • More than 6,000 invoice recipients worldwide
  • Currently more than 70,000 invoices per month, and growing!
  • Data standard TXML 2.5
  • Reliable service provider with a strong network
Our customers:

  • Bosal
  • Bosch
  • ContiTech
  • Eberspächer
  • Elring
  • Federal Mogul
  • GKN
  • Hella
  • HerthBuss
  • Mahle
  • Mann + Hummel
  • TRW
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