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Data Management Module PMD R2

Former PMD

The data management tool for data providers that place high demands on a maintenance tool and for whom a distributed installation of the product within their internal infrastructure is important

Data Management Module PMD R2 is a locally installed software solution for efficient data management. Using this tool, TecDoc catalogue data providers can record and maintain their own product data in their own IT environment in accordance with the TecDoc standard and supply this data to the TecDoc catalogue database. Data Management Module PMD R2 application is intended for several operating scenarios and development stages: Single-user version, multi-user application and application for ERP integration or linking of other data sources.

  • Several integration scenarios
  • Expanded report functions
  • Improved performance
  • Based on the TecDoc standard
  • Maintenance of several brands
  • Import of data packages in the TecDoc format
  • Available in interface languages German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish
Data Management Module PMD R2 comprises the following components:

  • Software expansions via COPs (Customer Option Packs)
  • Connection to in-house ERP system
  • Access to database via Talend (subject to addition license fees)
  • Use of internal reference data via the TecDoc Plus function
  • Management of competitor brands
  • Marking of articles as internal or external (Data Channel Management)
Data Management Module PMD R2 offers the following features:

  • Roles and rights administration
  • Article data and link maintenance
  • Data input
  • Data export
  • Context-sensitive graphics (available from December 2016)
  • Data import
  • Individualisation
  • Offline data administration
  • Option to connect ERP systems
  • DB access
  • Multi-user capacity
  • Optional maintenance for own vehicles
  • Standard reporting
  • Data validation
Why Data Management Module PMD R2?

  • Several integration scenarios allow for optimum implementation of the solution in your IT environment
  • Local installation of Data Management Module PMD R2 in conjunction with your own data protection measures ensures maximum security for your product data
  • For companies with several source systems, Data Management Module PMD R2 provides “the“ Point of Entry for standardised product data according to the TecDoc format
  • Simple update option of reference data
  • Expanded report functions and easy administration of own user profiles
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System requirements:

  • Oracle license 11g R2
  • Required hard drive space: from 250 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 16–32 GB, depending on data volume
  • LAN: > = 100 MBit/s (distributed installation > = 1 GBit/s)
  • Server operating system: Windows 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit)
  • Browser: Internet Explorer > = 10
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1,280 x 1,024 pixels

Operating Scenarios:

  • Data Management Module PMD R2 is a modern 3-layer application. All system users simply need an internet browser and the address (URL) determined during installation.
  • Data Management Module PMD R2 is multi-user-compatible and includes integrated user management.
  • The main components (database, application server, etc.) are usually installed on one or more servers. The users work on their standard terminals.
  • If you want to integrate Data Management Module PMD R2 into a third-party internal system, further individual development activities are required. We would be happy to advise.
Target Groups
Parts Dealers
Parts Manufacturers
Buyer Type of Integration
Basic (On-/Offline)
Basic (Online High-Speed)
Basic (Online)
Comfort (flexible interfaces)
Standard (pre-definded interfaces)
Supplier Type of Integration
Basic (On-/Offline)
Basic (Online High-Speed)
Basic (Online)
Comfort (flexible interfaces)
Standard (pre-defined interfaces)